Wednesday, November 3, 2010

@ Times Square Gallery: Bar lights are better than bad lights

Small throwback here, my masters thesis:

And here is something that Joachim Pissaro wrote about me for the catalog for the show, I love the first line the most.
Scott Penkava is not a painter. Yet, through dramatic, combined media installations, he too conjures up apocalyptic thoughts (or nightmares) within his work: “there are many scenarios,” he tells us, “for the end of the world when all the comforts of our culture are stripped away by some travesty, or tragedy.” This inevitable end will, according to Penkava, have a positive outcome: “the rebuilding of civilization out of the means and materials that are available.” In a sense, Penkava’s work at large can be read as a first draft for the destruction, followed by a grand reconstruction effort, of the world.

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