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Testicular Mayhem at Sala Diaz!

Posted in Uncategorized by nicholashay on April 10, 2010
Yuko and I found out about a couple of shows in San Antonio and decided to check them out this evening.  Up first was Lawrence Markey Gallery’s exhibition of a bunch of Wayne Thiebaud’s drawings from the late sixties/early seventies.  If it weren’t for all of the fucking rich people shooting the shit and schmoozing all over each others faces then I would say that it was a pretty fucking good show.  All of the drawings were either graphite or charcoal on paper.  It looked like simple subject matters of things sitting around the studio, but they were pretty fucking interesting.  They kind of reminded me of some of Vija Celmin’s paintings of objects from her studio – from the early sixties.  Usually Markey Gallery has these really fucking bad-ass cheese swirl twists appetizers, but I couldn’t find them today.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of this event because as soon as I walked in and saw all of the fucking people I freaked out slightly and was ready to leave.  The show was good, but the people were freaks.

Up next was the slinky balls over at Sala Diaz.  To tell you the truth I wasn’t really expecting for either one of the shows to be that awesome.  I was really just looking for a reason to get the fuck out of San Marcos for the evening.  However, both turned out to be pretty fucking good.  Lawrence Markey had a lot more drawings than I was expecting to see.  Normally they put out like two or three and leave a bunch of fucking space everywhere, but this time the walls were almost packed.  As for Sala Diaz, well I wasn’t really expecting anything at except for what I read on a website that announces upcoming shows in major Texas cities, but for some reason was not interested in posting mine last week.  The website mentioned something about a conceptual conversation between John Wayne and Pee Wee Herman.  I don’t really know what the fuck that was all about, but I do know that there was a lot of this shit:

Slinkies in jelly nutsacks.  There were a few of these but mostly just jelly nutsacks.

There was also a fucking cornucopia of golden nut sacks.  I am guessing that this was some kind of statement on explicit masculinity or some bullshit like that.  But it doesn’t totally make any fucking sense to me.  If someone was interested in explaining it to me I am not even sure if I would be interested in listening.  It is just something that needs to be felt out.

At first I thought that it was pretty fucking stupid, but after seeing the nut sacks again and again I started to really like it more and more.

I understand what John Wayne has to do with the nut sacks, but I didn’t really get the Pee Wee Herman reference except for the fact that he got caught playing with his dick that one time in the theater.  I like to think that there is something more to it than a cheap ass shot like that but maybe I am over thinking it and it is just one big fucking joke.

If it is just a fucking joke then at least it is fucking funny.  I have seen a lot of art jokes lately in some San Antonio galleries.  Some of them weren’t very funny and some were just fucking jokes, but this seems like something more.  I have no fucking idea what the toothpicks are for but some guy in a clown outfit was cooking bar-b-que when we got there.

Try to find all of the fucking nut sacks in this blurry image.

I assume that this guy was eventually part of some performance later on in the evening, but I wasn’t really interested in sticking around to see.  I am sure that if there was a performance it was a little self-indulgent and probably smelled like Lone Star.  I liked the work as it was and didn’t need to see some asshole goof around to convince me it was good.

I think that Yuko really fucking loved this show.  Either that or I photographed her totally off guard while she was trying to maneuver her way around this inflatable cactus and at the same time trying not to touch it for fear of what she might contract.  Either way she is a weirdo.

As I mentioned previously, I didn’t really totally understand everything that was going on.

There was also this projected video of some old guy tinkering around with something.

Okay Mountain left their fucking toys in the front yard.

I guess this is fucking cock and balls.  Laugh out loud if you fucking want.  In the end I think that I really like the show.  I might think that it was fucking stupid when I wake up tomorrow.  I know I thought it was stupid when I saw this thing, but for now I think that it was pretty fucking cool and I would highly suggest some other mother fuckers to come down and make their own decisions.  By the way, I don’t know who the fucking artist was that was responsible for this shit.  Nor am I interested in looking that shit up.  I’m not a fucking journalist, just a fan.  I wish I could have gotten some of that bar-b-que, but I wasn’t about to eat something that some mother fucker in clown make-up was cooking.

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