Saturday, January 1, 2011

@ Sala Diaz: Git a Rope: TOP PICKS APRIL 7-14, 2010.... more press


fri 9 Art Opening

Sometimes, when we open press releases, we're pleasantly surprised to find all of the pertinent details, typed in a sensible font, accompanied by a to-the-point description of what to expect from the event. I love that story. Other times folks use ALL CAPS to demand that we list their appearance THIS FRIDAY at some place they failed to mention. In this particular case all we have to go on is an imaginary, joint interview with John Wayne and Paul Reubens (Pee-wee Herman). Sala Diaz's Hills Snyder encouraged us to "take what we could" from the press release and avoid relying on gossip leaks and sneaky research. OK, imagine for a moment the life-sized cardboard cutouts of "major collaborators" Reubens and Wayne watching two bad-boy artists (from out of town) using whatever's lying around to make "8th grade reading level conceptual art" in the type of disaster area that would give any parent a serious panic attack. (Wayne to Reubens) "Look Pee-wee! That varmint's making a tower out of sliced bread." (Reubens to Wayne) "Cool, John! It kind of looks like a pecker!" Or, of course, the exhibition could have that ever-popular "theme" that complicates sending out a logical press release: we-haven't-made-anything-yet. Free, 7-11pm, Sala Diaz, 517 Stieren, (210) 852-4492

I promise you we had nothing to do with this cover, but we wish we did: