Tuesday, November 16, 2010

@ Sala DiaZ: Git A Rope: Richter

The finest painting i will ever make:

@ Basement Gallery: Things Not to Say in Moments of Social Consequence w/ Lynn Gufeld

 Things Not to Say in Moments of Social Consequence
February 2nd, 2007 - February 23rd, 2007         
 Two Person Exhibition     Lynn Gufeld & Scott Penkava
Lynn Gufeld
lynn gufeld                                                             lynn 
gufeld                                                                               lynn 
Scott Penkava
scott penkava

Friday, November 12, 2010

@ Sala DiaZ: Git A Rope: The Man, The Myth, The Legend, THE JACKALOPE

Of our many totems along this journey, none were more potent than the Jackalope. By the end of the install it would be safe to call him our silent collaborator, except he spent more time talking than either Dave or myself, which is a considerable amount.

Pictured here in his native habitat, a rather skanky bathroom in South Texas (actually his native habitat is anywhere that can be described as rather skanky) we see the Jackalope, but where are the margarita's and pussy that provide the Jackalope sustenance?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

@ Sala DiaZ: Git A Rope: Player Piano/Jukebox Hybrid

According to a few, one of the highlights of the show was this cardboard player piano/jukebox hybrid, to get the full experience, get a shitty radio, tune it to the local country station, and then knock it out of tune to the place where the reception is fine if you stand in this spot, but cuts out if you stand two steps to the left. yep, the quality is built right in.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bath Ballz: America's finest testicle shaped Soap on a Rope.

Classic Chrome with Fresh Irish Fragrance

Wake up to Refreshment!

contact Bath Ballz at

See the Ballz at

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

@ Gavin Brown's Enterprise: The Living and the Dead: Untitled (Felix in New York)

My Felix Gonzalez-Torres tribute piece from the summer show at GBE in '09

From FGT's journal: "i don't necessarily know how these pieces are best displayed. i don't have all of the answers--you decide how you want it done.whatever you want to do, try it.this is not some minimalist art work that has to be exactly two inches to the left and six inches down. play with it, please.have fun. give yourself that freedom.  put my creativity into question, minimize the preciousness of the piece."

 Bonus points if you can name the kid in this photo.

and now, some links to some press:


Monday, November 8, 2010

@ Artist's Space: Salad Days 3: I never asked for anything, please don't let me down again

This is the essay that Teneille Haggard wrote about me in the catalog for the summer show in '08 at Artist's Space.

I met Scott Penkava at his MFA exhibition at Hunter College. In the gallery I awkwardly
climbed onto his work which was –a life- sized, slanted, shingled roof- top, where we
played pool. I lost. The work reminded me of my ranch- style childhood home:, the
same roof, the same pool table, the same depressed lighting and sense of unease and
disorientation. Scott is very tall. I am very short. We look quite funny together. No
more funny than learning that we had groewn just up a few miles and a few years apart,
many miles away from New York. Outside of his studio, he Scott showed me a grocery
cart of filled with bricks he had picked up from scavenging around the city streets. He proposed assembling a wishing well of sorts for this exhibition.

The traditions of Chistoph B├╝chel, Mike Kelley, and Rirkrit Tiravanija are evident in his
Scott’s use of found objects, his site-specific installations, and his social engagement, and
site specific installations. The works’ formalism present in the works is overridden by
his a sense of theatricality and inclusion of performance. When Scott proposed building
a wishing well, a scene from Goonies came to my mind, in which. In the movie the
character Mouth decides to take back the his coins and reclaim his the wishes that never
came true. There is something both wondrous and disturbing about the act of exchanging
tokens exchanged for wishes. Scott incorporates a deadpan wit and sense play in this
work, but ultimately creatinges an experiment without predictability, conclusion, or end.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

@Sala DiaZ: Git a Rope: Panoramic view of the front room as if you were standing right inside the front door.

@ Sala DiaZ: Git A Rope: BLUTO!!!!

 here he is, BLUTO our revolutionary dinosaur with a mohawk, one of our many mascots on this adventure, he belonged at this show about as much as anything else, which is of course to say, perfectly. moonshine, cowboy boots, bandoleers and prehistoric killing machines, that's about as natural as dogs wearing sweaters.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

@ Sala DiaZ: Git A Rope: MY GRILLZ

 When you come to a Penkava/Lukowski joint, expect that we will come hungry and  take the time to  make ourselves a  snack, and if you're really lucky then you'll be able to hop on board with us. We decided to keep it real for this particular adventure, summertime, yards, hedonism, sawzalls, empty beer kegs... it's time to grill.